How does Rent My Home Today compare against other Guaranteed Rent Schemes?

How does Rent My Home Today compare against other Guaranteed Rent Schemes?

More Costs Covered = More Savings You Make

Other rent guarantee schemes will give you a lower monthly rent compared to the market but still charge you for repairs, maintenance, boiler issues, ongoing certification such as Yearly Gas Certification, Electrical Certification, yearly fire alarm check etc. We cover all these costs under the Cavalieri Rentals Maintenance repair scheme.

Paying the Bills.

Other rent guarantee schemes rent your property out to other tenants that you have no control over and make them responsible for the bills and charges increasing your risk. We are your tenants and we are responsible for all the bills limiting your risk.

We are responsible.

Other operators will end up selling your lease on which means you will have no idea who’s paying your rent. With us we are your tenants.

Commercial Lease.

Our agreement is a commercial lease rather than an AST for your complete peace of mind. Some rent guarantee companies get the landlord to sign assured short-hold tenancy agreements (AST’s) and then issue licenses to tenants which is very risky for the landlord.

Not an insurance policy.

We are not offering an insurance policy and calling it Guaranteed rent like others. Our service provides you with Guaranteed Rent each and every month. We do not charge any premiums. If you are tempted by other Guaranteed Rent insurance or landlord insurance policies, we encourage you to read all the fine-print first.

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