About Us


Rent My Home Today is managed by Cavalieri Serviced Rentals, which is a property company that offers high quality rentals and all inclusive accommodation to companies and working professionals.  We’ve been doing this since 2009 and have built up an extensive client base which includes many large corporations.

Historically we have expanded utilising our own purchased properties but over the last 12 months our demand has grown exponentially. Therefore, to gain access to good quality properties and after careful consideration of the pitfalls of property investing we came up with an ‘win, win’ solution for existing landlords.

We renovate your property to current regulations, provide guaranteed rent and take care of all* the ongoing associated costs with renting property so you can rest assured knowing your investment is being looked after leaving you to enjoy the benefits of watching your investment appreciate in value and receiving hassle free rent every month.

Our relationship with landlords is based on fair and honest dealing with a clear vision to maintain the integrity of our business and strive for continuous improvement.


Managing your own rental property or portfolio can be time consuming, stressful and financially risky, especially if you don’t live near your properties. But it doesn’t need to be.

Imagine life without the hassle of trying to find new tenants; chasing late rent payments; finding a reliable plumber to fix the boiler when it packs up. Now imagine receiving a guaranteed rental income and your property portfolio being managed by a reliable and trustworthy company.

If that sounds appealing have a look at what we offer and try to think of a good reason why you shouldn’t use us:

  • Regular property inspections
  • Competitive and guaranteed rent for up to 5 years with no voids
  • Save on set up costs to make the property compliant to the latest regulation*
  • Save on repairs and maintenance as we cover the cost*
  • Save on agency finder’s, renewals, re-let and other fees
  • Save on annual safety checks - Gas, Electric and Fire Alarm
  • Rental tax saving advantages
  • Tried, tested and proven professional Company
  • Low risk

Guaranteed rent for 3-5 years

We guarantee your rent so you will know exactly when you can expect to receive your first to your last payment. The exact same rent will arrive in your bank account each month for the duration of the lease.

There are no agency finder’s, renewals, re-let fees and no rent void periods, providing you with peace of mind when working out budgets or just ensuring that the mortgage is paid on time.

We are your tenants

We will be responsible for all the ongoing bills and certification of your property. We will manage and complete regular inspections to ensure the high standards for our tenants and clients

Renovation required to meet current government regulations

We invest in your property making it compliant to the latest regulations so you can rest at night knowing that your property is fully up to regulation.

Repairs and Maintenance

Along with covering your boiler we will also carry out all repairs in line with the Rental Lease. We will underwrite maintenance activities to the following levels:

  • £50 + VAT – per single repair
  • £150 + VAT – per annum


High Property Standards

As we will adding your property to our rental or serviced accommodation portfolio, you can rest assured that your property will be looked after and maintained to a high standard as is demanded by our clients.

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