How to be a pro-active landlord during Spring

How to be a pro-active landlord during Spring

The annual spring clean?

The clocks are forward again. Spring is here. We’ve only just had the beast from the east + his sister come to see us.

Now that the winter weather is behind us, how should you prepare your home for the warmer months to avoid potential problems and keep your investment in it’s optimal condition.

Here’s our quick guide to what you should be doing…

Boiler Service

This is the best time to have your boiler and central heating checked out properly, especially if it needs replacing.  A boiler service in Spring can also improve energy efficiency and potentially lower your utility bills.

Check Pipe Lagging

A key area that can cause problems during the cold winter months is piping, especially exterior pipes. We’d strongly recommend checking around the home and inspecting the lagging around your water pipes after winter, especially as pipes expand and contract so much during this period of warmer weather you are more prone to pipes bursting. If the lagging is missing or deteriorated, now is a good time to replace it. You can buy this at your local DIY store and it’s fairly cheap and easy to put on.

If your pipes aren’t lagged properly and there’s a cold snap, that can freeze the water, and then a sudden increase in temperature – this may cause the pipes to burst which you will notice just as much in Spring as in Winter.

Fixing Leaks

Check for are leaks and whether pipes need to be repaired. In these checks, make sure you include taps that are dripping. Fixing these will save you quite a bit of money.

Insulation in the Attic

Insulation is made to last for a prolonged period of time, but it’s always worth checking its quality. Take a trip up to the loft and make sure that it hasn’t flattened down and replace any areas where the insulation appears thin. This is also a better time to check the roof and identify if there are any problems with loose tiles or gaps after the winter period where water may have penetrated during the rainy periods.

Clear the Guttering

Once Winter has been and gone, the wind has died down and all the snow has melted, there may be all sorts of debris in the gutter.  An area we often neglect is the guttering. If you have trees near your home, then it pays to have a quick check and clear any debris. While you’re up there, also check places like the facias to make sure there are no holes or cracks that need to be filled.

Tidy the Garden

Now it’s springtime, how about clearing the garden and prepare it for the gorgeous summer months. Clear up any leaves and twigs and tidy up your borders. If you have a compost bin, this is the time to empty it and scatter all that goodness on the soil. If you’ve got trees, check the variety for when the best time is to cut back or prune. Some are best done before Spring so double check, others need to wait until the start of Spring.

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