How we can help with bad or difficult tenants

How we can help with bad or difficult tenants

We’ve seen a few  articles this month about novice landlords who have all experienced delinquent tenants causing damage to their property either through neglect or deliberate vandalism.

£10,000 worth of tenant damage

We were shocked to read the plight of a grandfather in Chester who returned to his buy to let  investment property only to find that the tenant had caused over £10K worth of damage.

Mr Williams said:

I’ll need to put in a new bathroom and kitchen, I’ll also have to have skips and cleaners in and redecorate throughout.

That’s without replacing all the doors, the sink and almost every socket that has been smashed to pieces.

I’m not going to be able to let it out to new tenants for at least three months now.”

When the true horror was uncovered and the damage/costs were assessed, it added to extra upset because the property had only refurbished two years ago – also to a great cost.

He said: We’d put brand new carpets in, completely redecorated it, the kitchen had been re-tiled, we’d put new doors, windows and fencing in. It was like a show home.”

Can you afford a £10,000 bad tenant risk?

The second story that caught our eye involved another £10,000 clean-up bill after tenants trashed a landlord’s property in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Caroline and David Johnson decided to rent out their three-bedroom house in South Gosforth, after moving to a bigger property to home their ever expanding brood.

If the stress of moving home and a newborn child wasn’t enough, the couple soon found this tripled when they had to take civil court action to regain possession of their buy to let house again and were crippled financially due to rent arrears and repair bills, which they say amounted to over £10,000.

They are now calling for more protection against rogue tenants for landlords.

These stories highlight a number of important issues:

The first is tenant referencing.  It is absolutely vital to undertake a very rigorous vetting procedure for any prospective tenant, as the best way to never experience a rogue tenant is to never let one in in the first place!

Secondly, even if you do undertake robust tenant referencing, you may still experience a rogue.

Most small landlords have busy day jobs and want to rent out a property, receive the rent on time, and not experience what the two landlords above had to face.

This is why Rent My Home Today is simply the best solution for you. 

Cavalieri Serviced Rentals is a property company that offers short and long term high quality all-inclusive serviced accommodation to companies and working professionals. We’ve been doing this since 2009 and have built up an extensive client base which includes many large corporations.

  • We become your tenant and guarantee your rent for 3-5 years, no matter if the property is empty or if our clients does not pay.
  • We always undertake a proven referencing process to ensure that our landlords have the least risk.
  • Zero Agency fees – Say goodbye to agency finders, renewals, re-let and other fees. We guarantee your rent with no voids or agency deductions providing you with complete peace of mind.

We will also pay all eviction and legal costs in the unlikely event that we need to remove an unsuitable client from your property.

Rent My Home Today provide the following and so much more.

Competitive and guaranteed rent for 5 years

  • We offer 3-5 years of guaranteed rent under a lease contract and add the property to our serviced accommodation range. We will also take care of all the ongoing associated costs with renting property so you can rest assured knowing your investment is being looked after.

Maintenance & Repairs Scheme

  • We will carry out all repairs and maintenance* of your property during the rental term. We also cover your boiler and complete monthly inspections to ensure our high standards.


  • We invest in your property by making it compliant to the latest health and safety and fire regulations. We cover the yearly gas, electrical and fire alarm certification too.

Easy and straightforward set up with no legal fees

  • Setting up with us is really easy. Let us take all that risk and stress off your shoulders by getting in touch.

Our guaranteed rent service had proved very popular with landlords over the years since 2009 and you can see below what some of our landlords have to say about us.

“I was looking for ways to make some extra money from my investment.  Rent my home today made me more money from my property. I highly recommend this service to everyone who is looking for a hassle free way to make more money from their investment”.

Paul Blackburn

“I saved a packet on making my rental property compliant plus 5 years of rent. Exceptional, would recommend to anyone”

Michael Wiafe

Would you like to know more about our guaranteed rent scheme?

Get in touch using the contact form below or give us a call on 0333 449903