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Your property is our priority

Are you an experienced landlord looking for an improvement on your current letting agency service?

Or are you new to letting property, seeking the simplest and most reliable letting service available?

Here at Rent My Home Today, we treat your property like our own. As we are not a franchise or a large business, we have more resource and time to focus on appreciation towards your investment. So all the maintenance, compliance and care for your property including the monthly rent becomes our responsibility. We could even offer FREE renovation where needed to get your property to the standard it should be at for our long list of professional tenants.

If like many landlords or property owners you worry about any monthly payments being late or none existent from your tenants, or even tenants leaving your property damaged, then you can be assured with our Guaranteed Rent scheme you will always receive your payments each month for up to 5 years.

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We are not a franchise and focus solely on the quality of our service commitments

No Agency Fees, No Legal Fees

More resource, focus and care for your property

We have more professional and corporate tenants who are fully screened beforehand


Lack of communication because of other commitments

Unexplained additional fees

Failure to take care of your property and conduct regular inspections

Failure to check tenants properly

We can even offer FREE Renovation

Browse our latest renovation projects for some of our existing landlords…

Why should I let my property with Rent My Home Today ?

Receive Monthly Rent GUARANTEED up to 5 years

We offer 3-5 years of guaranteed rent under a lease contract – no more worrying about late tenant payments or none at all!


We invest in your property by making it compliant to the latest health and safety and fire regulations. We cover the yearly gas, electrical and fire alarm certification too.

Maintenance & Repairs Covered

We will carry out all repairs and maintenance* of your property during the rental term. We also cover your boiler and complete monthly inspections to ensure our high standards.

Tax Advantages and Savings

We would take care of the repairs and the cost of making your property compliant providing double savings. There may also be other tax advantages especially if you are a higher-rate taxpayer.

Zero Agency Fees

Say goodbye to agency finder’s, renewals, re-let and other fees. We guarantee your rent with no voids or agency deductions providing you with complete peace of mind.

Easy Setup with no Legal Fees

Setting up with us is really easy. Let us take all that risk and stress off your shoulders by getting in touch.


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