New landlord electrical safety laws: the details

New landlord electrical safety laws: the details

The government has cracked down on landlords again. The Housing and Planning Act 2016 has been revised, with further regulations in force, including the requirement for all landlords in the country to carry out their own electrical safety checks in their properties.

There isn’t any need to worry yet, as the government aren’t in any major rush to put these policies into motion, but the announcement should come as a warning to prepare. The wheels started turning on the 25th October 2019, but this isn’t the official law starting, only the planning of how they can measure this, and how they can work out the details. The regulations are expected to begin being enforced sometime next year.

This comes after a strange period of silence from the government, as they haven’t altered this area in almost a year. The last look at electrical check plans was all the way back in January, when the government decided that it would put into motion a requirement for all landlords to conduct or outsource an electrical safety inspection every half a decade in all of their properties. It also said it would establish a new set of guidelines on who is qualified to do these inspections.

The government did however say in January that they would first wait until their schedule was slightly less hectic, which may be closer to the end of the year than the start. With all of the Brexit business at full speed, it at least gives some breathing room to landlords unsure of where to go next. Another reassuring thing is that this was described as something that will only affect new tenancies. This gives landlords until their tenants sign their new agreements to worry about carrying out any new checks.

It does look to follow along with other landlord regulations that have came into place recently, as local authorities are tasked with monitoring this, and with charging penalties for not following said regulations.


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