Partner with Cavalieri Rentals for Guaranteed Rent Packages

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Would you like to sell more 'Buy-to-Let' houses?

Would you like to offer your property investors something extra to help with your next sale? 

Would you like to offer them guaranteed rent with free property renovation? ✅

Yes of course you do, who wouldn’t want that right?

So let us tell you what Cavalieri Serviced Rentals can do for you to make that happen...

What can Cavalieri Serviced Rentals do for you?

  • We renovate properties to current regulations
  • We provide guaranteed rent for 3-5 years and take care of all the ongoing associated costs with renting property
  • You have piece of mind knowing your client's investment is being looked after
  • Your client will enjoy the benefits of watching their investment appreciate in value
  • You can offer hassle free rent every month to your client.

Why should you partner with Cavalieri Serviced Rentals?

Aside from the key benefits listed above and us being the most personal, simple and brilliant company to do business with, we also know that managing rental property or a portfolio can be time consuming, stressful and financially risky.

That’s where we come in.

  • We free up the stresses of finding new tenants and chasing late rent payments
  • We take care of the repairs, like finding a reliable plumber to fix the boiler when it packs up, so you don’t have to
  • You just sit back, offer our services to help you make your sale in the knowledge that your client is also being managed by a reliable, professional and trustworthy company.


Guaranteed Rent Scheme or Insurance?

We are not offering an insurance policy and calling it guaranteed rent like other companies, our service simply provides you with guaranteed rent each and every month.

We don’t charge any premiums.