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What do we do?

Like new.

We renovate your property to current regulations, increasing its value.

Arrears no more.

We provide guaranteed rent for 3-5 years, hassle-free, and always on time.

Safe hands.

We pay all of the repairs too, leaving you with virtually no headaches.

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Who are we?

Rent My Home Today is a property company that offers short and long-term, high-quality & all-inclusive accommodation to companies and working professionals.

We started in 2009, and since then we’ve built up an extensive client-base which includes many large corporations.

Over the last 12 months, demand for our services has grown exponentially. Therefore, to gain access to good-quality properties, and after careful consideration of the pitfalls of property-investing, we came up with a win-win solution for existing landlords.

We only let to professional tenants- not LHA tenants.


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We are not an insurance policy.

We don’t charge any premiums. If you are tempted by other guaranteed insurance or landlord insurance policies, we encourage you to read the terms and conditions first.
We are nothing like other rent guarantee schemes that rent your property out to other tenants that you have no control over and make them responsible for the bills and charges increasing your risk.
We’re your tenants and we’re responsible for all the bills limiting your risk. Other operators could end up selling your lease on, which means you will have no idea who’s paying your rent.
With Rent My Home Today we are your tenants.

The information you provide in the form above is regarded by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as personal information.
We will only use the details you have provided to make contact with you because you expressed an interest in our services and what we can offer. Your information will not be shared with any 3rd party but will be stored for future promotional contact. Your data will be held in line with our data retention policy. You may contact us at any time and ask us to remove your details from our system.