3 Steps to guarantee your rent

The process for our Guaranteed Rent Scheme is simple. As we offer such a hassle-free service we try to make the following sign up process even more smooth and quick, especially if you need a fast let!

Step One – Enquire

Get in touch with us. You can either telephone, email or complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

Our professional valuer will then obtain the details of your property(ies) and arrange a suitable time to visit.


Step Two – Inspection

Our professional valuer will visit your property to inspect and decide upon whether your property is suitable for our Guaranteed Rent Scheme, or if not suitable currently what improvements could be made and whether our free renovation investment could be offered.

Step Three- Signing on the dotted line

We need some basic details from you such as proof of ownership, proof of identity, buildings insurance and any certificates you have. Once you’ve given us everything we need you’re good to go. We then sign the lease for your property(ies), its that simple


Next Step

Feel the weight lift from your shoulders

Want to enjoy that warm, relaxed feeling you get when you know your property is being managed by a team of professional experts? All you have to do now is work out how you’re going to spend your monthly guaranteed rental income and contact us today! Contact Us