The top 3 fears landlords have

The top 3 fears landlords have

Being a landlord is a gruelling and thankless job. For all of the positives, there are a few glaring negatives that can make your life hell if you’re unprepared. Even if you’re prepared, honestly. Below are arguably the three biggest ones.


Getting the tenant from hell

Vetting tenants is a must. There are a lot of problems that can come out of having the wrong tenant, and there doesn’t seem to be a limit to how bad a tenant can actually be. From a messy tenant that ends up charging you more than their security deposit covered, to somebody actually housing multiple people unaccounted for in the agreement, to party-animals that are a huge source of stress for you and the neighbours, the possibilities are endless. Luckily, we vet tenants vehemently, and make sure they are mature professionals.


Property damage

We touched upon this lightly in the last point, but it deserves its own paragraph. Even nice tenants have the potential to damage any of your possessions, but that’s part of the package of being a landlord. You have to leave your property in the hands of somebody else, and hope you get it back unscathed.


Late (or no) rent

Having a good tenant is a dream come true for any landlord, but there’s always a chance the rent will dry up. Evictions take a lifetime to process, and it’s very easy to get into more and more debt while you wait for it to happen. Not only are you not getting rent from that tenant, but you’re also losing the potential rent you could be getting from the property.


How can I ease these fears?

Truth is, you can’t. There are precautions you can take, like getting references, getting everything in writing, background checks and more, but all of these only reduce the likelihood of something happening. All in all, it’s just a downside of being a landlord. That being said, we do have a solution:


Cavalieri Serviced Rentals are a property company that offers short and long-term quality rentals, and all inclusive serviced accommodation, to companies and working professionals. We’ve been doing this since 2009 and have built up an extensive client base which includes many large corporations. We only let to professional tenants, not LHA tenants.


Competitive and guaranteed rent for 5 years

We offer long-term 3-5 years of guaranteed rent under a fully managed lease contract, and add the property to our rental or serviced accommodation range. We will also take care of all the ongoing associated costs with renting property, such as day to day repairs, so you can rest assured knowing your investment is being looked after.



Unlike estate agents or other letting agents, we invest in your property by making it compliant to the latest health and safety and fire regulations. We cover the yearly gas, electrical and fire alarm certification too, allowing a much more hassle-free managed service.


Maintenance & Repairs Scheme

We will carry out all day to day repairs and maintenance* of your property during the rental term. We also cover your boiler and complete monthly inspections to ensure it is in good condition and meets our high standards.


Tax Advantage

From April 2016, landlords are no longer able to automatically deduct 10% of their rental profits as notional wear and tear Allowable expenses also don’t include ‘capital expenditure’ beyond wear and tear. As Cavalieri Rentals take care of the repairs and the cost of making your property compliant, this provides double savings.


Zero Agency fees

Say goodbye to agency finder’s, renewals, re-let and other fees. We guarantee your rent every month with no voids or agency deductions and a fully managed service providing you with complete peace of mind.


Easy and straightforward set up with no legal fees

Setting up with us is really easy. Let us take all that risk and stress off your shoulders by getting in touch and make your property management hassle free.


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