Working with Letting Agents

How We Help Letting Agents with our Guaranteed Rent Scheme

Bigger Homes Are Our Specialty

A lot of letting agencies seem to have trouble renting out larger properties, and that’s where we come in. We here at RentMyHomeToday take pride in our ability to rent out large homes to a professional and extensive range of tenants.

We Take Care Of The Rent

Over the course of the term, we will implement and maintain our Guaranteed Rent scheme, meaning the agent nor the landlord will need to worry about late payments, reducing stress all around. Below are 3 more benefits of working with us:

3-5 Year Term

Letting agents would usually prefer longer tenancy terms, and we fit that bill with this promise. We only offer 3-5 years, so you will never get short-changed.

Free Renovation

We will invest in the renovation of your property, just to make sure it is compliant to the latest government regulations and fits our own high standard. This includes the payment of certification of fire alarms, gas and electric too.

Free Repairs

We will also maintain and repair your property if anything is to go wrong. This is ensured by our detailed and professional monthly inspections and includes boiler coverage and other small details.

Letting agents love us, because we can bring respectful and professional tenants to the large properties that they would otherwise struggle to rent out. If the property you manage requires some renovation to the expectations of our professional tenants, then we will also consider looking to invest our own money into renovation of the property.

Below are some photos of our properties after renovation:

We operate within 30 miles of Milton Keynes, including Bedford, Northampton, Cranfield, Buckingham, Leighton, Buzzard, Aylesbury and Luton.

So if you manage properties within those areas or roundabouts, and need some quality tenants and maintenance management to help, then get in touch today!

Sound Good?

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